Experimental project I (Franc Navarro) did in a collaboration with Alberto Martinez, a classmate and friend from IED Barcelona.

The project brief was to create a typography design, using as little post production as possible and getting inspired by liquids. After brainstorming and mind-boggling through variety of possibilities, we found our inspiration in honey and in particular the honey dippers. We were attracted to the simplicity of structuring layers of wood, the mesmerizing viscosity and warm tonalities that honey has.Untitled-2a

The executing of the font was made by using 3D softwares. Firtstly, we made the 3D models in Rhinoceros and later developped them in 123D Make. After having the layout of each and every letter we moved to lasercutting them from wooden sheets.


The project beauty was emphasized during the process of taking the photos, a process which was quite messy but in a very delicious and playful way. Leaving us with a desire to please our sweet-tooth and excitement for the results. Every drip of honey slowly spreading on the wooden shape, creating an aura of sticky, golden warmth was a reward and a treat for our aesthetic views. The final photos were so captivating by their own that they did not need any post editting, they already had their rough, untouched charm.

_MG_7201_MG_7206 _MG_7207

The final result of the project was a fully developed typography, that makes the viewer want to see it live, in front of their own eyes. A font that is mouth-watering, that makes you want to touch it and enjoy it. The playful shimmers and reflections of the light on the thick and delicious liquid as honey, move so gentle and attractive througout each and every letter, creating a unique hypnotizing pattern.

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